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Health Plan Reporting Manager ***
Job Title
Health Plan Reporting Manager ***
Open Until Filled
Portland,  OR 97204
Other Location
Responsible for integrating reporting and results from several different reporting arenas and synthesize into consistent and useful information.   Lead person in the development and dispersion of the on-line reporting toolset, support for several jumbo groups who need in-depth individualized analysis and group reporting on both a periodic and adhoc basis.  Will be responsible for incorporating pharmacy data from external sources for monthly reporting.   Will assist on adhoc and report development as needed, as well as Rx/medical integration.


*** Position could be eligible for employee referral incentive
Required Skills
1. Degree in mathematics, chemistry, physics, public health, computer science or related field and equivalent work experience to show a facility with healthcare data.
2. Adept with the Microsoft Office Suite and familiar with basic query methods.
3. Understands large group health care insurance dynamics and provisions, including funding types, benefit designs, stop loss, and underwriting.
4. Conversant with measures such as prevalence rates, PMPMs, utilization metrics, member counting, service categorization and risk scores.
5. Familiar with cost containment and care management programs such as wellness programs, disease management programs and large case management.
6. Ability to convey complex information in a direct and straightforward manner.
7. Ability to be effective in managing information flow for a fast-paced, dynamic, team environment; to interact with all levels of management, and to prioritize/manage multiple tasks and deadlines. Self-directive and flexible.
8. Strong communication skills both in writing and verbally.
9. Strong customer service skills and a demonstrated desire to help groups understand and manage their health insurance costs and products.