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J1 Webmaster Graphic Designer Paid Internship

Job Title
J1 Webmaster Graphic Designer Paid Internship
Job ID
None,  CA 92011
Other Location
Los Angeles, CA
J1 Webmaster Graphic Designer Paid Internship

Webmaster/ Graphic Designer
Job Description: Tools/ Linux, phpMyAdmin, SQL,PHP, Javascript, Photoshop or Fireworks, Dreamweaver.
Dynamic and static web site construction using HTML and/or PHP

Incorporate and adapt Web interface
Template style customisation
PHP Scripting
Database programming
Client follow up
Hands on web training and tech support for clients.
-Technical skillsLanguages/HTML-CSS/PHP/Javascript
Design Applications/Photoshop/Fireworks/Flash/Illustrator
Database Application/SQL-Profile descriptionTypically a 2005 webmaster who comes from the creative side with a real taste and interest for programing.He/she wants to not only create graphical interfaces but go all the way to produce html code using CSS to build database driven web sites as well as 100% HTML web sites He/she enjoy teamwork, customer relationship and project handling and co-management he/she must feel comfortable being creative and design not only web interface, but also logo, and all sorts of communication media (web or print).I want to emphasize on the fact that creative skills are key, as well as a strong will to cross the board if they have not yet done so! As a mater of fact, the technicity of the web (database driven tools, languages...etc) are not high end as long as the designer has:- a will to learn more than strictly design that he/she already knows (or a will to get better at becoming the webamster of a bigger company in 12 months or so) - a well structured mind and somehow knows what he/she will be confronted too when it comes to database and coding though relatively simple as it can be.

Someone with either: a university degree in graphic design and some experience in building /assembling website a university degree in Computer science but serious personal experience in graphic designWe have already come accross webmasters as described in this profile: they are not the "diva" type and usually have some experience as freelance webmasters and were confronted to clients requiring them to fully integrate design and other features such as e-commerce solutions...etcThey should definitly enjoy working in our type of environment vs a big IT corporation. Out going and pleasant personality important.

Paid Job Training for International Graduate Students, requires placement fee from Graduate Student, yet will receive this back as part of payment via hourly wage. Usually tax free burden to international student through US tax treaties. This is an opportunity for a graduate international person to work with a top US company and learn invaluable experience and training.

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